Do Not Hack

Do Not Hack is an integral part of the Hackspace. Do Not Hack means you are claiming materials, a donation or a project as your own, and requesting that no other members ‘hack’ the component parts.

Do Not Hack means you are taking responsibility for the materials et al, and will remove them from the Space if required.

Do Not Hack is not a guarantee your project will not be touched, moved or repatriated. It is simply our best attempt at securing your project. If you leave a project or materials in the space and they are not stored appropriately or safely, your project will be moved.

When labelling something with Do Not Hack your label must include:

  • Name
  • Description of project
  • Contact Email
  • Shelf Location (if on the colour coded large project shelves)
  • Date Started
  • Date Predicted for Project End

Infrastructure and tools may be labelled and shouldn’t be hacked.

When a project is left unlabelled, the Trustees or other members may note this, and mark it as unlabelled. If something remains unlabelled for 3 months, it will be disposed of.