The following definitions are used throughout the rules. Where these definitions differ from those laid down in the Constitution, the definition from the Constitution will be used.

  • The Board refers to the seven trustees of Nottingham Hackspace

  • Nottingham Hackspace refers to the organisation Nottingham Hackspace Ltd

  • The Space or the Hackspace refers to the physical area, building or buildings leased or purchased by Nottingham Hackspace

  • Trustee refers to members elected to ensure the adequate running of Nottingham Hackspace

  • Member refers to any person currently a member of Nottingham Hackspace as defined in section 2 of the Articles. The board maintains a list of all members

  • Resolution A resolution of the Board means at least 4 board members agree

  • N-1 Majority refers to a majority of the Trustees with 0 or 1 Trustees disagreeing

  • Name refers to the name that a person uses to identify themselves to others

  • A guest is a non-member in the space that a current member is wholly responsible for

  • A visitor is a non-member who comes to the space during an open event. The responsible Trustee, or workshop facilitator, is wholly responsible for them