Discord Rules

The Nottingham Hackspace Discord Server is used by members of Nottingham Hackspace and those interested.

Most of the channels are only accessible to members. To view these channels, you should add your Discord username to HMS: https://wiki.nottinghack.org.uk/wiki/Discord

You can also update your Discord server profile to have a more friendly name instead of your username so people know who you are. This can be done per-server with the Edit Server Profile option.

All joiners of the Discord, member or not, should follow the Hackspace Rules.

Additionally, use of the Discord is governed by the Netiquette rules:

  • Rule 1: Remember the Human and adhere to the same standards of behaviour online that you follow in real life.

    Treat other people as you would like to be treated. Think how you would feel if someone said that to you, especially in real life.

  • Rule 2: Know where you are in cyberspace.

    Understand that acceptable communication is context-dependent, just as is in real life. Jokes and sarcasm are easily misunderstood in text, so please consider how your words could be misinterpreted.

  • Rule 3: Respect other people’s time and bandwidth, and make yourself look good online.

    Many people are busy and are giving up valuable time to be able to help you, and want to enjoy their experience on the Discord server. It’s therefore important that your communication is concise and to the point, you are pleasant, and that you appreciate the interaction. Please don’t demand that other people do work on your behalf: Remember, the hackspace is made up of volunteers.

    Try and keep the conversation on topic for a particular channel, and also use threads where appropriate. This can keep a conversation focussed and make it easier to follow in future.

  • Rule 4: Share and recognise knowledge, but don’t abuse your power and forgive mistakes.

    A huge benefit of online communications is that information can easily be shared. If you are an expert in something, please share information on your subject matter and try and help as much as possible. That said, knowing more than other people about a specific topic doesn’t give you power over others. Remember rule 1 and treat other people as you would like to be treated.

    Likewise (especially if you are a newer member), recognise that there may be reasons why things are organised and constructed the way they are. Please listen to the reasons put forth by others before insisting that things should be done differently.

  • Rule 5: Help keep flame wars under control.

    Flaming is the act of posting insults and profanity aimed at another person, with a flame war taking place when this takes place between multiple people. Don’t fan the flames and tag a trustee if necessary.

  • Rule 6: Respect other people’s privacy.

    Once information is placed on the internet, it may reach a far larger audience than originally intended. Please consider your audience and refrain from posting and disseminating acutely private information.

(These rules are adapted from the Core Rules of Netiquette)

If you have any suggestions or changes you think would benefit the server (such as additional channels), message the Trustees.

If you wish to summon a moderator, please tag a moderator using @Moderator