Nottingham Hackspace Rules

Welcome to the Nottingham Hackspace Rules. This contains the rules to which every member and guest of the space is expected to follow.

Below is a summary of the rules, each has its own full description that can be accessed via the menu on the left.

  1. Rule 0: Do Not Be On Fire

    It is essential you use the Space safely as a responsible adult.

  2. Membership of the Hackspace

    Any person aged 18 or over can join Nottingham Hackspace, by visiting on a open night, providing correct details, and setting up and maintaining a monthly payment into our nominated bank account.

  3. Guests & Visitors

    Guests & visitors are welcome in the Hackspace. However whoever brings them into the space or lets them into the Space is wholly responsible for them.

  4. Be Excellent To One Another

    We ask that you respect others when using the Hackspace. Do this by cleaning up after yourself, abiding by our safe spaces policy and code of conduct.

  5. Respect the Hackspace

    We ask that you respect the Hackspace. Do this by cleaning up after yourself, by being careful not to damage infrastructure and by reporting both damaged/broken tools and infrastructure.

  6. Do Not Hack

    Do Not Hack is an integral part of the Hackspace. Do Not Hack means you are claiming materials, a donation or a project as your own, and requesting that no other members ‘hack’ the component parts.

  7. UK Legislation

    Whilst in the Hackspace you must abide by all applicable UK laws and legislation.

  8. Storage in the Hackspace

    Remember that the Hackspace has limited storage space. We have designated storage space for consumables, resources and members’ storage.

  9. Donating to Nottingham Hackspace

    Consider the benefit to the Nottingham Hackspace when making a donation. Do this by posting your items and offers to the Google Group. Is there a general consensus from the members about its use or usefulness?


  1. Complaints Policy

    This is the policy followed by the Trustees when we receive a complaint.

  2. SafeSpaces Policy

    This policy sets out what behaviour is inappropriate in that it may amount to harassment.

  3. Discord Policy

    This policy sets out acceptable conduct in the Hackspace Discord Server.

  4. GDPR and Privacy Policy

    How your information is used to provide access to the hackspace.