Guests & Visitors

Guests & visitors are welcome in the Hackspace.

You should not let people into the space if you don’t know them, or are unsure if they are a member. If you do then they become your guest and you are responsible for them. Feel free to challenge people to authenticate to GateKeeper (by swiping their card against the door) if you don’t know that they are a member.

Included in this are both children and animals - it is common courtesy to ask on the Google Group before attending the Hackspace with either an animal or a child. The exception to this notification is on Open Days and Evenings - members should assume that animals or children may be present at those times.

Please do not leave your animal, child or guest unattended in the Hackspace. They are your responsibility and must be attended at all times.

Guests cannot use tools that require an induction, such as the laser cutter, Myford lathe or 3D Printer.

Please remember that even guests should be challenged if you witness unsafe or rule breaking behaviour.