Rule 0: Do Not Be On Fire

It is essential you use the Space safely as a responsible adult.

We encourage members to challenge unsafe storage by other members. If you do not feel comfortable challenging a member, we welcome emails to the email address.

Wearing safety gear at the Hackspace is your own responsibility. We will provide appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and we ask if you notice any low supplies please email

We encourage the safe use of tools. For tools requiring an induction the inductor will verify that you have undertaken an induction in line with the requirements for that specific tool. Use of a tool requiring an induction is expressly forbidden unless there is a record of your induction; where possible this will be maintained on HMS and via RFID access. Usage of any tool self certifies that you are comfortable using the tool.

Nottingham Hackspace abides by The Health & Safety at Work Act, and points out that you also have responsibilities under this legislation, such as taking reasonable care of others’ safety when operating tools and machinery.

When you are working on your own in the Hackspace, please take extra care when using potentially dangerous tools. In case of genuine emergencies you should ring the emergency services. The official address for the Hackspace is written on various posters and boards throughout the Hackspace.

If you have suffer an injury or near miss, you should report this using the Near Miss and Accident Reporting Form