Respect the HackspaceΒΆ

We ask that you respect the Hackspace. Do this by cleaning up after yourself, by being careful not to damage infrastructure and by reporting both damaged/broken tools and infrastructure.

Please report broken/damaged tools and infrastructure to so repairs can be made.

Nottingham Hackspace does not guarantee uptime on any of the tools available at the Space.

Tools should not be removed (or borrowed) from the Hackspace at any time. Members are asked to remember that the Hackspace is a shared space.

We remind you that whilst we have no issue with you using the tools and the Hackspace to further your business endeavours, that the Hackspace should not be the prime means or location of your business, whether in production or end-to-end operation.

We ask that you do not arrange personal deliveries to the Hackspace, as there is no delivery access for the building.