Storage in the Hackspace

Remember that the Hackspace has limited storage space. We have designated storage space for consumables, resources and members’ storage.

Members are entitled to a 35l storage box. The exact box is provided by the space to members. You can buy a box via HMS for £7.50. You must label your box with the label printed from HMS. Space is limited, boxes can only be brought if HMS knows that space is available, but you must also check that a new physical box is available.

If you are working on a project that is too large for a 35l box you can store it on the Large Project Shelves. It can be stored there whilst it is actively being worked on, and must always be labelled according to our Do Not Hack rules. If a project has not been worked on for more than three months, you may be contacted and asked to remove the project. Unlabelled projects and items may be disposed of.

If your project is too big for the Large Project Shelves, a storage request must be made by emailing the trustees at You should give a description of your project, an expected completion date and a suggestion of where in the space you are going to store it.

If you wish to store solvents or other flammable/dangerous liquids, they must be stored in the members’ section of the solvents cupboard. Please bear Rule 0 in mind when doing this, and pay attention to the stated storage limit of the cupboard - if your liquid will not fit, take it home

If you use the spray booth, you can of course leave your project to dry for up to 24 hours and drying racks are provided for this outside the booth, however please ensure it is labelled with a Do Not Hack sign - this can be on the shelves if applying a label would damage your project.

You can find more information about bike storage here. (